Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does Gluten Free Diet Water come from? 

Our water is sourced from the natural spring at Palomar Mountain in Southern California.

2. Is Gluten Free Diet Water, Spring, Purified or Alkaline?

GFDW is natural spring water from Palomar Mountain, California. We don’t add anything for taste or enhancements. In the near future we will offer alkaline water but for now its just a crisp spring water taste from the mountains in the Golden State.

2. What is our bottle quality?

All of our bottles, from 12 oz to 1 liter, are made from high grade BPA Free PET.

3. Where do we ship from?

We ship from Gardena, California. 

4. I would like to do business with Gluten Free Diet Water, who do I contact?

Email us at Info@GFDWater.com with your request and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

5. Isn't all water gluten-free and diet?

Yes which is why we like to slap you in the face with our transparency.