Gluten Free Diet Water was dreamed up by the brain child Uncle Bob aka U-Bob. While on an expedition to study the most sought after Peruvian bird, the Andean Cock-of-the-rock, U-bob had a notion. While cresting a cragged peak, with his Hermes scarf floating in the wind, parched from the high altitude, overcome with Gluten pains, his perfectly arched brow raised in mental enlightenment. Why not bring to the market a water that is Gluten Free and Diet that will transport you to magical destinations. U-Bob sent a homing pigeon to his heiress niece Lauren who took the idea and ran with it. Together they've created a brand of water that we hear could eclipse the news of the Mars expedition. Everyone in the world especially in the vacuum of Hollywood wants the Gluten-Free, vegan, grass fed, Non-GMO, fair trade, BPA Free, locally sourced, cage free, organic, and the list goes on, written all over their food and beverages. So why not give the people what they want. It's not that serious, its just water that is from an award winning natural spring source that is sure to be a conversation opener anywhere you go. 

We pride ourselves on offering you great quality water with charm. The Swiss mountains and the aquifers of the South Pacific Ocean have long reigned as the finest water until now. Once you pop your top and taste Gluten Free Diet Water on your lips you'll immediately understand why everyone from the US bobsledding team, Hollywoods A-listers, your grandmother, stunt performers from around the world, the Upper East Side, the table tops in Ibiza, to as far as your Gulfstream or Dreamliner can fly you, is going bananas over this water. Make a statement and carry your Gluten Free Diet Water with you wherever you go. 

And remember the Two Things In Life that you need to survive is water and a laugh. So drink happy, sip with a smile, and live like Mae West, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

Our Best, 

U-Bob & Lolo